Hacker + Maker Lounge

Chill Out With Friends While Coding or Crafting the Night Before GoGaRuCo

Code - Music - Food - Bar



Vinyl Decal Printing, Derby Races, Electronics

Make something physical and learn something new. Help build an LED mesh and program what it displays with Ruby, build and race in the Lego Derby, and print custom vinyl decals.


Collaborate with Awesome People

With so many great Rubyists in one place, all fired up about the conference, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to hack on neat projects with awesome people. There will be desks, whiteboards and break-out rooms available.


Design Bootcamp
Start Your Next Big Thing!

Take an hour and change your world. Design Thinking coaches will guide you through the process of empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing your ideas. We'll also be drinking lots of Creatorade™.

The GoGaRuCo Hacker + Maker Lounge

A fresh take on a kick-off meetup, so you can get to know fellow conference-goers & speakers, and enjoy a relaxed environment before GoGaRuCo starts.

There will be areas where you can: print your own vinyl stickers, build a Lego car and compete in the derby, or try your hand at any of a number of other hands-on activities. And of course, plenty of space to hack, tinker and build with other enthusiastic developers or just kick back and meet new people.

Tasty food and beverages, including specialty cocktails and wine-blending. And of course, some kickback music by Dr. Toast and Dr. Trout.

Details + Directions


All Ages

585 Howard Street
Second Floor
San Francisco, California 94105